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A Sweet Berry Brace Never Tasted So Good!

Loyal start hot, stroll to victory against 10 man Los Angeles Galaxy II.

San Diego Loyal went searching for much needed offense and a much needed win in Los Angeles against Galaxy II. Los Angeles has been the surprise team so far in Group B, sitting in a playoff position at the start of the match. They came into this game scoring in every game but one. San Diego, on the other hand, has been shut out five times. Also, San Diego needed to get a win to keep up with the top of Group B.

San Diego did not have to wait very long at all to get on the board and it had to feel good for Miguel Berry. Berry, known very well to San Diego soccer fans, got his first professional goal and the earliest in San Diego Loyal history. It started when Morgan Hackworth made a great play at the top of the box to keep the ball in San Diego’s possession. It came straight to another new Loyal signing Alejandro Guido. He slid the ball across to Berry, this time without the bounce, and Berry slid the ball back across the goal for a beautiful goal.

San Diego did not stop there. In the 20th minute it was again Berry who made a big play to set up Jack Metcalf on the right side of the 18 yard box. Metcalf’s longer crosses are well known, but it was a low cross this time that ended up being deadly to LA. It was yet another new signing Rubio Rubin who was able to tap it in for the second of the night. It looked as if Rubin would be coming off early because of an injury, but he was able to stay on, and San Diego is glad he did.

Miguel Berry was still not done. In the 38th minute, Berry made a beautiful one on one play as he methodically broke down his defender. First, he slow played him, then in a blink he turned the corner and was in on goal. It looked like he was running out of space, but his shot found space between Galaxy II keeper Abraham Romero’s legs for San Diego’s 3rd goal of the half.

LA found a little space at the end of the second half, but never really tested Jon Kempin. LA had a slight lead in possession, but Loyal kept them to two shots and only one on goal in the first half.

Los Angeles looked to take the momentum back right after half time and put San Diego into a defensive shape, but it did not lead to anything that would test Jon Kempin. Their best chance came in the 50th minute on a free kick in a dangerous spot just outside San Diego’s 18 yard box. This also did not challenge Jon Kempin, who was looking to keep yet another clean sheet. LA managed just two shots in the second half, none on target.

The game took another turn in San Diego’s favor in the 65th minute when Galaxy II player Alejandro Alvarado was shown his second yellow card after a dangerous challenge on Tarek Morad. This meant that San Diego was up 3 goals and also up a man.

San Diego kept pressing and had quite a few good looks and they played with such a calm professionalism. They kept the majority of possession and took their time to hold LA scoreless for only the second time all season.

This was San Diego’s most comprehensive win of the season. Not only pouring in 3 goals, but limiting Los Angeles to 1 shot on target the entire night. They looked to be playing with a new found confidence, and bounces were going their way tonight.

They have a great chance to continue this good run of form against Orange County on Sunday September 13th. Loyal have looked much better on the road, and this is the best time for the team to turn it around and get some big home wins. After tonight, hey move to within 2 points of second place Los Dos and Orange County, who lost tonight up a man against Sacramento. Sunday’s match will kick off at 7:00 pm.


1': Miguel Berry (Alejandro Guido)

20': Rubio Rubin (Jack Metcalf)

38': Miguel Berry

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